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Holiday’s and/or any occasions are typically the busiest times of the year for many steakhouses. The guest experience suffers, the kitchen is in total chaos, fifty plus tickets on the grill, expo and grill coordinating the timing of steaks cooked to different doneness and other menu items being prepared all so that they come out hot and at the same time. It is a nearly impossible task to master, so orders are returned by guests because they are not cooked properly, or are not hot and fresh and need to be recooked on the fly creating further chaos in the kitchen.

Skip the headache, Black Rock’s concept makes steak impossible to be cooked improperly, the food is always hot due to the sizzling rock, and with the steaks cooking temperatures no longer a concern it is easier on the kitchen to get grill items done with less chaos, leaving the restaurant running smooth on such a busy holiday. This is also the case for all special occasions that come through a restaurants door, it is an overall more seamless process at Black Rock Bar & Grill.

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