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Black Rock is a restaurant with a casual and fun atmosphere as well a great bar for a relaxing, interactive and fun experience. It is a restaurant where the ideology and purity of the stoneage connects seamlessly with 21st century expectations of quality, variety, and service. Black Rock offers a full line of menu items to please every guest. In addition to signature “Black Rock” cooked steaks and seafood, you can also choose from a variety of prepped seafood and chicken dishes, pastas, Angus burgers, piled high sandwiches, fresh salads, homemade soups and more!



With a focus on quality and freshness, Black Rock serves only seared on a super-heated black rock. Our signature item is our 6 oz. sirloin steak that is satisfying for even the most discerning steak lover. Served sizzling hot allowing each guest to get involved in the cooking method and control exactly to what doneness each bite is prepared. We also offer a selection of other popular Certified Angus Beef cuts including our New York Strip, Ribeye, and Filet. Flavor can be expanded upon further with our selection of sensational seasonings and sauces including Montreal Seasoning, Garlic Rub, Casino Butter, our Louisiana Dream sauce and our creamy Black Rock sauce. Choose a favorite for your meal or have something different with every bite. At Black Rock each guest cooks and seasons their meat to perfection, just the way they like it.

But don’t forget the best kept secret at Black Rock: our seafood. We offer jumbo sea scallops, lobster, ahi tuna and shrimp each of which guest can cook right in front of them on the hot rock for hot and delicious seafood. You have never had seafood like Black Rock seafood.



Our selection of appetizers includes a number of signature items that utilize the hot stone, further enhancing the Black Rock experience and keeping the appetizers hot while you enjoy them. One being our popular Pretzel and Cheese Fondue, large soft pretzels baked to the perfect soft bite, buttered and lightly salted. The pretzels are served with garlic cream cheese and nacho cheese fondue on the hot stone, keeping the cheeses the perfect temperature while you savor every pretzel. Other hot stone appetizers include, our delectable spinach artichoke dip, lobster dip, bubbling shrimp on a stone and our mile-high onion ring tower. We have the WOW factor when it comes to our appetizers.



Customers can watch a volcano set fire right before their eyes with our sparkling Black Rock Volcano Brownie, or reminisce on being at a carnival with our Funnel Fondue powdered elephant ear sticks. Our wide amount of dessert choices will guarantee to crave any sweet tooth!

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