Black Rock is a high volume business model, but it is easier to operate than other full service restaurants. We serve top quality Certified Angus Beef steaks, but unlike traditional steak houses we leave the steak cooking to the customers. With customers cooking their own steak that allows us to reduce our staffing needs, almost eliminate waste and minimize service times to crease a simplified restaurant model. This also results in a small kitchen staff and does not require the highly trained chefs that other full service restaurants have. Black Rock is a high revenue business model that is driven by the guest experience and a simplified kitchen operation.


A typical Saturday at the affiliate locations does similar revenue for the day, but the operation is completely different. The kitchen is orderly and calm, with the grill often being the slowest area. The difference is our steaks. Instead of the normal cook time, concern of the proper doneness and coordination with other menu items, each steak is simply placed on the hot stone with the proper side items and served to the table. A process that takes two minutes rather than the fifteen to twenty minutes of a typical steakhouse. Waste is eliminated because no steaks are returned because they are not cooked properly. The result is a guest dining experience beyond compare and a simplified operating model for the restaurateur.

Black Rock’s Volcanic Granite Stones are a game changer in the restaurant industry!

  • Drives more customers to your restaurant

  • Increases the average spend

  • Persuades customers to come back more often

  • Reduces kitchen labor costs

  • Nearly eliminates returned steaks

  • Makes more profit for you!